Wednesday, 11 July 2012



Yesterday I finally caved and bought some Dr Martens. Mainly as they were £40 less than instore! I've been dying for a pair for a while now but with such a colorful and quirky range, it took me hours to choose. After careful decisions (and a peek into my piggy bank) I settled on the floral print on black canvas. 

I like the idea that despite its spring floral pattern, the black makes it wearable into the chilly seasons. And who doesn't want to prolong their wardrobe?!

Out of the range of colours on offer, I came across some pastel docs! I'm feeling an Alice in Wonderland crossed with a grunge vibe. I love the idea of pastel colours on such heavy boots! They would look amazing with ribbon laces! Throw in a vintage midi dress and they'll be next purchase next payday!

Thank you for reading this once again and I'll leave you guys with the cookie monster :)

Lolita Pink x


  1. I love your choice! I'm not the flower pattern girl, but those Docs are lovely!

    Mary Jane

    1. I originally wanted the purple velvet Docs but couldn't find any at all! So I settled for these. Floral isn't really my thing either but they don't seem too bad x

  2. You made a really good choice! I agree, the black background with the florals will transition well into the cooler months :)

    Trendy Teal

    1. Everyone loves them so far so I feel I've made a good choice. Worth the money :) Following your blog <3

  3. awesome shoes! and wesome blog!! <3

  4. love the docs of the first pic <3

  5. hey m'dear, I was going to follow your blog but i can't seem to find the follow button :(

    the doc martens are gorgeous! I want!


    Tanya @