Wednesday, 29 May 2013

For the fierce bitches :)

Hello bitches :)

Today's picks are based on the fierce gals out there. It requires extreme attitude and just general craziness!

First up is this crazy cool crop top from my favourite ever site Nikki Lipstick. At only $25 what's not to like?! Her wacky style has created many perfect tees and pasties (check them out, you'll be like WTF?!).

Next is a from the internet store Creepyyeha which make wonderful creations. Leather garters and harnesses are huge in the alternative world so why not celebrate with this pretty little choker? Choose from a choice of different flower colours and give your outfit some edge. 

Shoes anyone? YRU's are making a big comeback and are all over Lookbook. Although the platform looks terrifying, they are surprisingly easy to walk in (this is coming from the living Bridget Jones -_-). These bad boys come in at $80 from their own site. You'll wonder how you ever lived your life without them!

Finally, it's my fav skirt of all time. Sucks that I can't afford f-all at the moment. This stunner by UNIF brings back the grunge years. Bitch, the 90's is back! Wear with a crop top, beanie and Docs. Perfection.

That's all folks for today. Thanks for reading. 

Lolita Pink x