Tuesday, 10 July 2012


The sale period has been mental in Newcastle! People are going wild for a bargain which I'm not surprised. Clothes are so expensive these days, but definitely worth the money... most of the time! 

So the other day someone asked me 'what is your exact style?' At first I didn't know how to answer I mean, I change it not just on a weekly basis, but a daily basis. Then I thought, we all change our look depending on the mood we're in. Sometimes I'll wear grunge Creepers with meatballs in my hair or go in looking like Polly Pocket!

For me it's good to be versatile when it comes to fashion otherwise you'll be stereotyped into a 'goth' or a 'prep'. Keep people guessing, that's the key. Plus I've always been fond of the idea that you can play a different character everyday depending on your look. 

If you're still reading then you may be interested in my new look. I love the idea of a granny midi with Creepers.

Anyhow, I better go hunt for food! Thank you for reading! 

Lolita Pink x

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