Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Haven't posted in ages!! Where to start?! Alright, so after I got paid I went on a crazy ass shopping spree. Worth it? Well I'm raking through my wallet every hour hoping for money to fizzle out of thin air. Apart from that, I'm loving the idea that I have many purchases that will amuse me for... wellllll... a month of so...


So this includes one of my purchases from a longgg list! I've always wanted heel-less shoes since I lay eyes on those beautiful Jeffrey Campbell's.

So I bought the cheaper and less wallet-busting versions. <Enter my new shoes>

I was pretty chuffed with them. I decided to test drive them at a party. Pretty easy to walk in although admittedly enough, I did almost tumble a few times (but not fall over fully!)


Onto my next new buy. A palm tree bag from Urban Outfitters! It's become my favourite shop recently with all of its vintage shirts and great sale stock. I nabbed this pretty for only £17!


Next are my River Island splurges. I bought a headband which seem to be pretty major at the moment. I love the whole hippy look so thought it would compliment my new skirt and black crop top nicely.

Obviously more shoes were need. I bought these Flatforms from River Island for £20! I had been eyeing them up for a while so jumped at the cheaper price!

And finally, I bought several dresses but this one in particular is my favourite. I love the whole scenery photo on a dress. As this is a midi dress, I'll team it with creepers, socks and my leather jacket.


So once again, thanks for reading and stayed tuned! 

Lolita Pink x

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