Sunday, 7 October 2012


It's been a while since I posted on here! Jeez, I should get on here more often! 

First of all I have re-discovered the bleach bottle. So my hair's been blue, pink, purple, basically the rainbow. At the moment I've settled for pink.


Also, my wardrobe has had a change around. I seem to have a tonne more vintage clothes than I used to. Yay for thrifting!


I found myself in Leeds Festival over the summer. Full of booze, good music and vomiting indie kids :/ It was a great line up involving Crystal Castles, Foo Fighters and Florence and the Machine. There was an awkward moment when Florence's dress kept moving Northwards but she gave a damn good performance. Here's a photo of Crystal Castles!


So that's just a quick update of everything that's went on. Hope you guys are having a good day.

Lolita Pink x


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  2. hi Sarah! i just found your blog :) i love your hair<3 it would be great to see pictures of different hair styles and colors you had. You are so inspiring! xx /Natalie:)

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