Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 trends

Why hello there readers! 

Once again it's been a long while since I've written on here. Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year's Eve. Mine involved a lot of gin, writing 'Mam' on my arm with eyeliner and pretending to be Marina and the Diamonds with a heart on my cheek :/ Yes, in public... So my New Year's resolution is to write on here more! And to consume less crap... like McDonald's double cheeseburgers, Coca Cola and ooo peanut butter... Yeah you see my point ha!


Anyhooo 2013 will bring us some more awesome fashion trends. I can see at work new styles slowly creeping in. 
Dungarees will be making a comeback with denim and tailored styles with stockists including Topshop and River Island. The dungarees in the photo are Boutique from Topshop.


We will also be seeing a re-emergence of belted floral dresses with lengths between knee and midi.

In terms of makeup, we have the smokey grunge eyes and a new style for the lips, 'vampire shaped lips'. Think gothic romance. I think these lips would look stunning with a vintage black dress to add a bit of drama and uniqueness to your look. Try with a flowing 'Florence-like' dress to have edge but not look as dark! I know I'll be trying these lips out!

Follow the link to find the 'how to' tutorial -

Thanks for reading my blog and have a lovely day!

Lolita Pink x

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