Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wardrobe must haves!


Feel like it's been forever since I was last on here! But after all this time, I've found some awesome stuff you should just buy. Just buy them. Really. Spend like there's no tomorrow!

First up are these beauties! You're thinking wtf?! I'm thinking fuck yeah! This is nostalgia wrapped up in a shoe! Made by my fave shoe brand Jeffrey Campbell, you'll have the crowd talking in no time.

Now what would make the ideal outfit to go with these shoes? I'm thinking Bad Vibes shorts by Tunnel Vision. They come in a range of amazing colours and patterns so there's no resisting! Plus the lace up detail adds a sexy edge to make the guys go wild ;)

Next we have this lovely mesh top from Nasty Gal for only $28. Bargain! I really need to stop having an obsession for all things mesh!

And what to wear under this mesh top? Well I'm not gonna let you walk around with your hooters out!!! I know I mention Topshop in every post but come on, who doesn't love Topshop?! And this simple yet stunning bralet would be the perfect edition to your wardrobe.

Finally what outfit is complete without the bag? UNIF are on fire this season, bringing out this little gem I'm sure you 90's babes will appreciate. Bring on the rave!

And that's it for today my lovelies. Thanks for reading guys! You're all fucking fabulous! 

Lolita Pink x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

It's all about the spikes...


So I know spikes were huge last year and we've seen plentyyyy of garments adorned with them, until the point where it was just ridiculous but I just can't get over them! But for those of you who like me still secretly love them, you'll be buying these items in no time.

Firstly I came across this incredibly cute bra a few weeks ago. Handmade by 'Fragile Pony' I'm loving their choice of garters and headbands. I can just imagine this bra peeking through a sheer crop top, frayed denim shorts and wellies at a festival. Shit, you might as well stud your wellies too!

Talking of shorts I have these beauties by 'Too Fast'. With the electric yellow leopard print and the contrasting pink studs on the side, you are sure to gain some street cred!

Next I have a red studded leather jacket. Yes, a RED leather jacket. Although it is a bold piece, it could become your wardrobe staple. Rita Ora rocked a LA Roxx one but if you're like me and it clearly doesn't rain money for you then you'll like this cheaper version by Kill Star. Mom jeans and a black halter neck crop top would suit this jacket perfectly.

Now for the shoes. I am going crazy over these adorable Jeffrey Campbell's! At 3 inches, they're easy enough to walk in and teamed with a skater dress and patterned socks, you'll be smoking!

Finally my favourite item of the month! Now how gorgeous is this purse please?! I love the idea of a gothic geisha. Use with a UNIF harness dress and lita boots for an edgy look. Alternatively  you could use this purse with a clean cut white Zara dress and barely there heels.
Thanks for reading guys! 

Lolita Pink x



Red leather jacket-

Jeffrey Campbell shoes-

Fan purse-

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

For the fierce bitches :)

Hello bitches :)

Today's picks are based on the fierce gals out there. It requires extreme attitude and just general craziness!

First up is this crazy cool crop top from my favourite ever site Nikki Lipstick. At only $25 what's not to like?! Her wacky style has created many perfect tees and pasties (check them out, you'll be like WTF?!).

Next is a from the internet store Creepyyeha which make wonderful creations. Leather garters and harnesses are huge in the alternative world so why not celebrate with this pretty little choker? Choose from a choice of different flower colours and give your outfit some edge. 

Shoes anyone? YRU's are making a big comeback and are all over Lookbook. Although the platform looks terrifying, they are surprisingly easy to walk in (this is coming from the living Bridget Jones -_-). These bad boys come in at $80 from their own site. You'll wonder how you ever lived your life without them!

Finally, it's my fav skirt of all time. Sucks that I can't afford f-all at the moment. This stunner by UNIF brings back the grunge years. Bitch, the 90's is back! Wear with a crop top, beanie and Docs. Perfection.

That's all folks for today. Thanks for reading. 

Lolita Pink x

Sunday, 28 April 2013

If you wanna be my lover!


So I'm loving the whole '90's teen spirit' trend at the moment. After all, it was THE decade! I know there are some people who say that fashion needs to stop copying past trends and move forward but I find it fun as personally I think they've reinvented it. Well today's picks are some 90s inspired items that will have you singing the Spice Girls all night long!

Firstly, I came across this awesome coat from a great site called Miracle Eye which sells everything you need to be a 90s kid. Admittedly this coat is $140 but it'll be worth it as it's very unique and would look crazy cool with some UNIF Hellbounds.

Next we have the faithful dungarees which are flattering to all shapes and sizes. I came across these lovely dungarees by Bitching & Junkfood for £95. With an acid wash finish and oversized legs, they would look perfect for any festival.

Now do I have a treat for you! Jelly shoes were BIG in the 90s. Even I had some, back when I was a kid in my girly tartan dresses. But they've had an upgrade this season are even cuter than they were originally. Check out these jelly wedges by New Look for only £19.99. Worth investing in as once again, they would make as cute festival footwear or even for the beach.

And that's all from me today. Thanks for reading! 

Lolita Pink x

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Kitty cat!

Hi all!

Today's it's all about cats! Whether you hate them or love them, you have to admit, the cat trend has been HUGE. I've seen cat tees, cat shoes, cat bags, hats with cat ears, everything! So here's some of the kitty items I've found -

Now how cute is this top please?! It's £32 so it's a decent price plus it's see through which is always a bonus! So girls, get your bandeaus on!

Next I've come across this über sweet bodysuit which at $65 is quite steep but it's worth every penny. I can just imagine adding 
a pastel pink skater skirt, pastel yellow heels and matching yellow bag. Purrr-fect :D

Here's something that I thought were quite unique. Kitty tights! They are £8 so they're pretty much a good price for tights. Buy buy buy!!!

And if you're more into grunge things then go to the following link and you'll find so many kitty related tees! -

Thanks for reading! 

Lolita Pink x

Friday, 5 April 2013

Spring has sprung

Hey all!

Spring is here! So we need to fill our wardrobes with the most fabulous clothes and I'm feeling this season is a strong one. There's a range of styles out there from metallics to 90's teen spirit to florals. It is worth browsing the net for massive savings because you never know what you might find!

Today I'll be building an outfit. Whether you choose to buy one, none or all of these pieces, I'll just be grateful that you're still reading haha!

Now if you're a sunnies kinda gal then I have the perfect ones for you! provide a wondeful range and if you're feeling floral then I would recommend these beauties at just $24.99!

If you fancy yourself as a fashionista, then step out in this stunning kimono with its intrinsic detailing then you're bound to be the centre of attention. From only £29.99, it's hard to say no!

What with all of the pizazz of the kimono, you'd only want a simple dress which Zara have once again provided. 

Add simple clean cut white strappies to give your look a Vogue-like quality. I recommend these H&M sandals which have enough colour to make them unique.

Finally, the bag! Add this beautiful River Island clutch from £25 and you've got yourself an outfit!

Thanks for reading! 

Lolita Pink x

New makeover coming soon!

Good afternoon! 

So I haven't really been blogging lately because I lost allllll interest in it. Until now!

<Queue the drumroll> 

I'm not going to give you just a typical blog about what I'm wearing/doing, oh no. From today onwards, I will become a virtual stylist.

I have this awful habit of finding amazing websites and buys that I never EVER share with my Facebook friends due to the fact that they'd think 'Who's this kid?!' Quite frankly, if I'm not writing about some Jeremy Kyle-like situation in my status, then I'm just a wallflower. So instead of dying to tell just anyone in the street, I will be sharing the amazing finds with you guys because trust me, you'll love them!

And that's pretty much me done. As we say in Geordie, new makeover blog, 'come at iz!' 

Lolita Pink x