Friday, 5 April 2013

New makeover coming soon!

Good afternoon! 

So I haven't really been blogging lately because I lost allllll interest in it. Until now!

<Queue the drumroll> 

I'm not going to give you just a typical blog about what I'm wearing/doing, oh no. From today onwards, I will become a virtual stylist.

I have this awful habit of finding amazing websites and buys that I never EVER share with my Facebook friends due to the fact that they'd think 'Who's this kid?!' Quite frankly, if I'm not writing about some Jeremy Kyle-like situation in my status, then I'm just a wallflower. So instead of dying to tell just anyone in the street, I will be sharing the amazing finds with you guys because trust me, you'll love them!

And that's pretty much me done. As we say in Geordie, new makeover blog, 'come at iz!' 

Lolita Pink x

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