Sunday, 28 April 2013

If you wanna be my lover!


So I'm loving the whole '90's teen spirit' trend at the moment. After all, it was THE decade! I know there are some people who say that fashion needs to stop copying past trends and move forward but I find it fun as personally I think they've reinvented it. Well today's picks are some 90s inspired items that will have you singing the Spice Girls all night long!

Firstly, I came across this awesome coat from a great site called Miracle Eye which sells everything you need to be a 90s kid. Admittedly this coat is $140 but it'll be worth it as it's very unique and would look crazy cool with some UNIF Hellbounds.

Next we have the faithful dungarees which are flattering to all shapes and sizes. I came across these lovely dungarees by Bitching & Junkfood for £95. With an acid wash finish and oversized legs, they would look perfect for any festival.

Now do I have a treat for you! Jelly shoes were BIG in the 90s. Even I had some, back when I was a kid in my girly tartan dresses. But they've had an upgrade this season are even cuter than they were originally. Check out these jelly wedges by New Look for only £19.99. Worth investing in as once again, they would make as cute festival footwear or even for the beach.

And that's all from me today. Thanks for reading! 

Lolita Pink x


  1. I'm so proud to be a 90s kid! I love jelly sandals and overalls so much and am so happy that era of fashion has now come back around!
    Love the coat x

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  2. 90´s style is the best ♥

  3. Love this post! ;)

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  5. Oh that coat! I love the wedges too. They look like the Mel ones & glitter makes everything 10x more amazing <3 x