Thursday, 13 June 2013

It's all about the spikes...


So I know spikes were huge last year and we've seen plentyyyy of garments adorned with them, until the point where it was just ridiculous but I just can't get over them! But for those of you who like me still secretly love them, you'll be buying these items in no time.

Firstly I came across this incredibly cute bra a few weeks ago. Handmade by 'Fragile Pony' I'm loving their choice of garters and headbands. I can just imagine this bra peeking through a sheer crop top, frayed denim shorts and wellies at a festival. Shit, you might as well stud your wellies too!

Talking of shorts I have these beauties by 'Too Fast'. With the electric yellow leopard print and the contrasting pink studs on the side, you are sure to gain some street cred!

Next I have a red studded leather jacket. Yes, a RED leather jacket. Although it is a bold piece, it could become your wardrobe staple. Rita Ora rocked a LA Roxx one but if you're like me and it clearly doesn't rain money for you then you'll like this cheaper version by Kill Star. Mom jeans and a black halter neck crop top would suit this jacket perfectly.

Now for the shoes. I am going crazy over these adorable Jeffrey Campbell's! At 3 inches, they're easy enough to walk in and teamed with a skater dress and patterned socks, you'll be smoking!

Finally my favourite item of the month! Now how gorgeous is this purse please?! I love the idea of a gothic geisha. Use with a UNIF harness dress and lita boots for an edgy look. Alternatively  you could use this purse with a clean cut white Zara dress and barely there heels.
Thanks for reading guys! 

Lolita Pink x



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