Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Evening all!


I spent most of my day imagining an outfit for work and yes I was working too! So this is the overall product of five hours!

I came across the song 'Youth' by Daughter the other night and it inspired me to be more romantic. With beautiful lyrics screaming lights, freedom and a 'Let's build a den!' attitude, you've just got to do something about it! I've been 'grunging out' lately so it was nice to take off the Beetlejuice leggings for a more 'sweep me off my feet' look. I would of liked to put a messy plait in to get the overall romantic feel but I'm a Bagpuss :)


I love the whole socks with sandals thing. I don't think it's a faux pas, I think we should embrace it! Frilly socks and woven sandals? I'm like a big kid again!


To complete the outfit I added a stunning necklace from Topshop which was a bargain at the sale price of under a fiver! I'm really into Shabby Chic style at the moment so what better than to add a fox and an owl to my look?!


That pretty sums up my day today. Hope you guys had a good one too!

Lolita Pink x


  1. Such a fun cute colourful outfit! :)
    Love it! Sa your post on LB,
    check out my blog too! Just started blogging again

    1. Thank you! I love your blog so far. Just read through it. I've added your blog to my list ^-^

  2. Wow, your necklace is beautiful!

    Mary Jane